Lettering and Sign Graphics
By your demands we create self-adhesive
types and graphics without background which can be transferred to any surface.
Different qualities of films assure best endurances for your desired purpose - from durable car lettering up to short term floor graphics.
Many kinds of colours and metallic colours
are available.

In addition: dull glass effects,
wall tattoos and wallpapers (removable without leaving traces), stucco and stonework films, stencilled films.
By request we mount your artwork on
Digital Printing
All formats and all materials can be printed in the way you like. If necessary we can laminate your prints on various surfaces and mount them on location. We act quick
and dependable at all times.
File Preparation
Digital files (logos, photos, finished layouts) should be saved or exported from your design application as PDF or EPS with a minimum resolution of 300dpi at 50% of the final desired production size. The higher the resolution provided is, the better the results get.
JPG's are less desirable, but can be accepted if the resolution is 300 dpi or higher. Placed images are to be embedded rather than linked. If files are linked, be sure to send along the linked files.

Web graphics are not suited for large format printing. This is a very common error and should be avoided.

All fonts should be converted to outlines or pathd. You can send font files if there is an anticipation of any changes so additions can be made to the provided art.

Printable Materials:
all kinds of paper (by samples), cardboard up to 1mm , paper self-adhesive, film in various colours, film self-adhesive, photographic paper, banner, flaffabric, mesh, gaze, canvas, tyvek
A lot of these materials are available in dull or glossy, lamination is suggested as a protection for long term outside using.

Mounting Surfaces/Materials:
plastic plates, aluminium sandwich plates, plastic sandwich boards, chipboards, block boards, plywood boards, press boards, plexiglass, twin wall sheets

We deliver in Germany by overnight express (next day in your company), internationally on request.

Consult and questions: Juliane Müller,Graphic division, Tel. 033633/6869-17
Mail: j.mueller@designberlin.de